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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
2004Near surface mounted CFRP-based technique for the strengthening of concrete structuresBarros, Joaquim A. O.; Sena-Cruz, José; Dias, Salvador J. E.; Ferreira, Débora R. S. M.; Fortes, AdrianoConference paperOpen access
2007Indirect assessment of the contribution of NSM CFRP laminates for the shear strengthening of RC beamsBarros, Joaquim A. O.; Oliveira, Juliana T.Conference paperOpen access
2005Reforço ao corte de vigas T de betão armado por inserção de laminados de CFRPDias, Salvador J. E.; Barros, Joaquim A. O.Conference paperOpen access
Jun-2006Confinement efficacy of partially and fully wrapped CFRP systems in RC column prototypesFerreira, Débora R. S. M.; Barros, Joaquim A. O.Conference paperOpen access
2005Experimental research of a new CFRP-based shear strengthening technique for reinforced concrete beamsDias, Salvador J. E.; Barros, Joaquim A. O.ArticleOpen access
2005Verificação experimental de uma nova técnica de reforço ao corte com CFRP para vigas de betão armadoDias, Salvador J. E.; Barros, Joaquim A. O.ArticleOpen access
2006Assessment of load capacity of railway RC slab spans with reinforcement lossesMaksymowicz, M.; Bień, J.; Cruz, Paulo J. S.Conference paperOpen access
2006Radar investigation on civil structures using 3D data reconstruction and transmission tomographyTopczewski, Lukasz; Fernandes, Francisco Manuel Carvalho Pinto; Cruz, Paulo J. S.; Lourenço, Paulo B.; Ramos, Luís F.Conference paperOpen access
Mar-2006Near surface mounted CFRP laminates for shear strengthening of concrete beamsBarros, Joaquim A. O.; Dias, Salvador J. E.ArticleOpen access
Aug-2006Bond behavior of near-surface mounted CFRP laminate strips under monotonic and cyclic loadingSena-Cruz, José; Barros, Joaquim A. O.; Azevedo, Álvaro F. M.; Gettu, RavindraArticleOpen access