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TitleOn the Drazin index of regular elements
Author(s)Patrício, Pedro
Costa, A. Veloso da
KeywordsDrazin inverse
Drazin index
Dedekind finite ring
Regular ring
Issue date2009
JournalCentral European Journal of Mathematics
Citation"Central European Journal of Mathematics". ISSN 1895-1074. 7:2 (2009) 200-205.
Abstract(s)It is known that the existence of the group inverse $a^\#$ of a ring element $a$ is equivalent to the invertibility of $a^2a^-+1-aa^-$, independently of the choice of the von Neumann inverse $a^-$ of $a$. In this paper, we relate the Drazin index of $a$ with the Drazin index of $a^2a^-+1-aa^-$. We give an alternative characterization when considering matrices over an algebraically closed field. We close with some questions and remarks.
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AccessOpen access
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