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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
Oct-2010Absence of ataxin-3 leads to cytoskeletal disorganization and increased cell deathRodrigues, Ana João; Costa, Maria do Carmo; Silva, Teresa L, et al.ArticleRestricted access (Author)
21-Feb-2013Acetate-induced apoptosis in colorectal carcinoma cells involves lysosomal membrane permeabilization and cathepsin D releaseMarques, Carolina; Oliveira, C. Suellen F.; Alves, Sara, et al.ArticleOpen access
2004An AIF orthologue regulates apoptosis in yeastWissing, Silke; Ludovico, Paula; Herker, Eva, et al.ArticleOpen access
28-Mar-2012Aminodi(hetero)arylamines in the thieno[3,2-b]pyridine series: synthesis, effects in human tumor cells growth, cell cycle analysis, apoptosis and evaluation of toxicity using non-tumor cellsCalhelha, Ricardo C.; Ferreira, Isabel C. F. R.; Peixoto, Daniela, et al.ArticleOpen access
1-Nov-2019Annona coriacea Mart. fractions promote cell cycle arrest and inhibit autophagic flux in human cervical cancer cell linesGomes, Izabela N. Faria; Silva-Oliveira, Renato J.; Oliveira Silva, Viviane A., et al.ArticleOpen access
2017Antidepressant responsiveness in adulthood is permanently impaired after neonatal destruction of the neurogenic poolYu, S.; Zutshi, I.; Stoffel, R., et al.ArticleOpen access
2016Antitumor properties of honeybee plant-derived products: honey, propolis and pollenAlmeida Aguiar, Cristina; Silva Carvalho, Ricardo; Baltazar, FátimaBook partRestricted access (Author)
2018Bauhinia variegata candida Fraction Induces Tumor Cell Death by Activation of Caspase-3, RIP, and TNF-R1 and Inhibits Cell Migration and Invasion In VitroSantos, K. M.; Gomes, I. N. F.; Silva-Oliveira, R. J., et al.ArticleOpen access
2015Biocompatibility of a self-assembled glycol chitosan nanogelPereira, Paula; Pedrosa, Sílvia Santos; Correia, Alexandra, et al.ArticleOpen access
5-Jun-2018Construction and characterization of a new TRAIL soluble form, active at picomolar concentrationsMelendez, Matias Eliseo; Silva-Oliveira, Renato José; Silva Almeida Vicente, Anna Luiza, et al.ArticleOpen access
May-2008Cordyceps : a traditional chinese medicine and another fungal therapeutic biofactory?Paterson, R. R. M.ArticleOpen access
2002Corticosteroids : sculptors of the hippocampal formationSousa, Nuno; Almeida, O. F. X.ArticleOpen access
15-Dec-2018Crotoxin from Crotalus durissus terrificus venom: In vitro cytotoxic activity of a heterodimeric phospholipase A2 on human cancer-derived cell linesMuller, Silvana Pinotti; Silva, Viviane Aline Oliveira; Silvestrini, Ana Vitória Pupo, et al.ArticleOpen access
2010Depletion of the neural precursor cell pool by glucocorticoidsYu, Shuang; Patchev, Alexandre Vladimirov; Wu, Yan, et al.ArticleOpen access
16-Sep-2005Direct targeting of hippocampal neurons for apoptosis by glucocorticoids is reversible by mineralocorticoid receptor activationCrochemore, C.; Lu, J.; Wu, Y., et al.ArticleOpen access
May-2011Distinct regulation of p53-mediated apoptosis by protein kinase calpha, delta, epsilon and zeta : evidence in yeast for transcription-dependent and -independent p53 apoptotic mechanismsCoutinho, Isabel; Pereira, Clara; Pereira, Gil, et al.ArticleOpen access
13-Sep-2012Efferocytosis is an innate antibacterial mechanismMartin, Constance J.; Booty, Matthew G.; Rosebrock, Tracy R., et al.ArticleOpen access
May-2010Expressing and functional analysis of mammalian apoptotic regulators in yeastGreenwood, M. T.; Ludovico, PaulaArticleOpen access
2018From regulated cell death to adaptive stress strategies: convergence and divergence in eukaryotic cellsBüttner, Sabrina; Ludovico, Paula; Thevissen, KarinJournal editorialOpen access
2013Genome-wide identification of genes involved in the positive and negative regulation of acetic acid-induced programmed cell death in Saccharomyces cerevisiaeSousa, Marlene; Duarte, Ana Marta Gomes; Fernandes, Tânia Alícia Ribeiro, et al.ArticleOpen access