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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
201110th international conference on gas-liquid and gas-liquid-solid reactor engineering prefaceTeixeira, J. A.; Vicente, A. A.; Middelberg, A. P. J.Journal editorialOpen access
2011CFD simulation and experimental measurement of gas holdup and liquid interstitial velocity in internal loop airlift reactorSimcik, M.; Mota, André; Ruzicka, M. C., et al.ArticleOpen access
2012Characterization of intermediate stages in the precipitation of hydroxyapatite at 37°CCastro, Filipa; Ferreira, António; Rocha, F. A., et al.ArticleOpen access
Sep-2014Characterization of split cylinder airlift photobioreactors for efficient microalgae cultivationFernandes, Bruno Daniel; Mota, André; Ferreira, António, et al.ArticleOpen access
2015Customization of an optical probe device and validation of a signal processing procedure to study gas-liquid-solid flows. Application to a three-phase internal-loop Gas-lift BioreactorMota, A.; Ferreira, António; Vicente, A. A., et al.ArticleOpen access
Nov-2005Effect of solids on homogeneous–heterogeneous flowregime transition in bubble columnsMena, P. C.; Ruzicka, M. C.; Rocha, F. A., et al.ArticleOpen access
12-Oct-2017Effect of solids on O₂ mass transfer in an oscillatory flow reactor provided with smooth periodic constrictionsFerreira, A.; Adesite, Patrick O.; Teixeira, J. A., et al.ArticleOpen access
15-Jul-2011Effect of spent grains on flow regime transition in bubble columnMota, André; Vicente, A. A.; Teixeira, J. A.ArticleOpen access
2013Evolution of dispersion along the extruder during the manufacture of polymer-organoclay nanocompositesBarbas, J. M.; Machado, A. V.; Covas, J. A.ArticleRestricted access (UMinho)
1999Hydrodynamic model for three-phase internal- and external-loop airlift reactorsFreitas, Carla Maria Duarte de; Fialová, Maria; Zahradnik, Jindrich, et al.ArticleOpen access
2000Hydrodynamics of a three-phase external-loop airlift bioreactorFreitas, Carla Maria Duarte de; Fialová, Maria; Zahradnik, Jindrich, et al.ArticleOpen access
Dec-2007The intensification of gas–liquid flows with a periodic, constricted oscillatory-meso tubeReis, N.; Mena, P. C.; Vicente, A. A., et al.ArticleOpen access
Aug-2008Measurement of gas phase characteristics using amonofibre optical probe in a three-phase flowMena, P. C.; Rocha, F. A.; Teixeira, J. A., et al.ArticleOpen access
2-Feb-2011Meniscus dynamics in bubble formation : a parametric studyStanovsky, Petr; Ruzicka, M. C.; Martins, A., et al.ArticleOpen access
2007Numerical study of a hybrid membrane cell with semi and fully permeable membrane sub-sectionsMiranda, J. M.; Campos, J. B. L. M.ArticleRestricted access (UMinho)
2013pH influence on oxygen mass transfer coefficient in a bubble column. Individual characterization of kL and aFerreira, António; Cardoso, P.; Teixeira, J. A., et al.ArticleOpen access
2013Process intensification and optimization for hydroxyapatite nanoparticles productionCastro, Filipa; Kuhn, Simon; Jensen, Klavs, et al.ArticleOpen access
14-Dec-2018Protein crystallization in a droplet-based microfluidic device: Hydrodynamic analysis and study of the phase behaviourFerreira, J.; Castro, Filipa; Rocha, F., et al.ArticleOpen access
2004Residence times and mixing of a novel continuous oscillatory flow screening reactorReis, N.; Vicente, A. A.; Teixeira, J. A., et al.ArticleOpen access
1975The application of the equivalent annulus width concept in thermal diffusion separationsRomero, Joaquim José Barbosa; Pinheiro, J. D. R. S.ArticleOpen access