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TitleAnti-stokes cooling in semiconductor nanocrystal quantum dots: a feasibility study
Author(s)Rakovich, Yury P.
Donegan, John F.
Vasilevskiy, Mikhail
Rogach, Andrey
Issue date2009
JournalPhysica Status Solidi (A) : applications and materials science
Citation"Physica Status Solidi (a): applications and materials science". ISSN 1862-6300. 206:11 (2009) 2497-2509.
Abstract(s)In this review, we discuss the feasibility of laser cooling of semiconductor nanocrystal quantum dots by phonon-assisted anti-Stokes photoluminescence. Taking into account recent experimental advances, in particular, the development of semiconductor nanocrystals with very high quantum yield, we analyze in detail how the various physical processes in nanocrystals might help or hinder the cooling process. Possible experimental approaches to achieve efficient optical cooling are also discussed.
AccessOpen access
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