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TitleMulticonstrained optimization of networks with multicast and unicast traffic
Author(s)Rocha, Miguel
Sousa, Pedro
Cortez, Paulo
Rio, Miguel
Issue date2008
JournalLecture Notes in Computer Science
CitationPAVLOU, G. ; AHMED, T. ; DAGIUKLAS, T., ed. – “Management of converged multimedia networks and services : proceedings of the IFIP/IEEE International Conference on Management of Multimedia and Mobile Networks and Services (MMNS 2008), 11, Samos Island, Greece, 2008. ISBN:978-3-540-87358-7. p. 139.150.
Series/Report no.LNCS 5274;
Abstract(s)This paper presents an OSPF routing optimization framework taking into account a set of multiconstrained QoS requirements of the networking domain. The proposed optimization approach, based on Evolutionary Computation, is able to handle network scenarios with both unicast and multicast traffic, providing high quality configurations for single-topology or multi-topology routing approaches. The results clearly show the effectiveness of the devisedoptimization methods, allowing for the development of management tools automatically providing enhanced configurations to improve the QoS performance of the network.
TypeConference paper
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AccessOpen access
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