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TitleSage drinking improves plasma lipid profile, erythrocyte antioxidant defences and increases lymphocyte HSP70
Author(s)Piairo, Paulina C.
Sá, Carla M.
Ramos, Alice A.
Lima, Cristóvão F.
Azevedo, Marisa
Almeida, M. J.
Coutinho, O. P.
Wilson, Cristina Pereira
Issue date2007
CitationWORLD CONFERENCE OF STRESS, 2, Budapeste, Hungria, 2007. “Book of abstracts of the 2nd World Conference of Stress.” [S.l. : Cell Stress Society International, 2007].
Abstract(s)Salvia officinalis (common sage) is a medicinal plant to which antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antimutagenic properties have been attributed. Recent results from our laboratory showed cellular and in vivo antioxidant effects of sage as well as metformin-like effects at the rat liver level, suggesting an antidiabetic potential for sage. In order to test these effects in humans, we performed a pilot trial with six healthy female volunteers. The trial was carried out in three phases, which includes two weeks of baseline, four weeks of sage treatment (drinking of a sage infusion twice a day) and two weeks of wash-out. Sage treatment positively affected the erythrocyte antioxidant status as shown by increased SOD and CAT activities. Cholesterol and LDL levels significantly decreased and HDL levels significantly increased after treatment, indicating benefits also in lipid metabolism. However, no changes in glucose clearance were observed in the oral glucose tolerance tests at the end of treatment period. In addition, a reduction of in vitro lymphocyte DNA damage induced by H2O2 was observed during the treatment period, which was maintained through the wash-out period. During the S. officinalis drinking period, lymphocyte Hsp70 protein expression was significantly increased (about 2.25 times) and decreased to baseline following the wash-out period. Overall these results confirm the health improving potential of sage infusion drinking.
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