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dc.contributor.authorNeves, L.-
dc.contributor.authorWiśniewski, Dawid F.-
dc.contributor.authorCruz, Paulo J. S.-
dc.identifier.citationBIEŃ, Jan ; ELFGREN, Lennart ; OLOFSSON, Jan, ed. lit. – ”Sustainable bridges : assessment for future traffic demands and longer lives : proceedings of the International Conference..., Wrocław, Poland, 2007”. Wrocław : Dolnośląskie Wydawnictwo Edukacyjne, 2007. ISBN 978-83-7125-161-0. p. 293-300.en
dc.description.abstractMany of the European railway bridges are getting c/ose to the end of their service life. AI the same time the railway operators demand higher axle loads for freight trains and higher speeds for passenger trains. This requires new and better methods, models and tools that can be used in the assessment of existing bridges, which will let to more realistic evaluation of their load carrying capacity and also more accurate evaluation of their remaining service life. This paper presents a mathematical approach that allows to incorporate the results of testing ar monitoring in the assessment of existing structures-
dc.publisherDolnoslaskie Wydawnictwo Edukacyjne (DWE)en
dc.titleBayesian updating, a powerful tool for updating engineering models using results of testing and monitoringen
oaire.citationConferenceDate10 – 11 Out. 2007en
sdum.event.locationWrocław, Polanden
sdum.event.titleSustainable Bridges - Assessment for Future Traffic Demands and Longer Livesen
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