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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
2013Journalism is changing – and what about journalism ethics?Fidalgo, JoaquimConference paperOpen access
Nov-2009Journalism: new media, new actors - new ethics?Fidalgo, JoaquimConference paperOpen access
11-May-2006Os temas e as fontes na imprensa regional da cidade da GuardaAmaral, Victor Manuel dos SantosMaster thesis Open access
2013Media relations in health communication : the sources of information in cancer newspaper articles in PortugalRuão, Teresa; Marinho, Sandra; Lopes, Felisbela; Fernandes, Luciana Gabriela MouraBook partOpen access
2011The ever-delayed promise of media self-regulation in PortugalFidalgo, JoaquimConference paperOpen access
25-Jun-2009Notícias em 3D: o jornalismo nos mundos virtuais: um estudo de caso sobre o MetaNewsMarquezini, Rafaela SibienMaster thesis Open access
2012Jornalismo e a sociologia: um contributoAraújo, Emília Rodrigues; Magalhães, Ricardina Alexandra SilvaArticleOpen access
2014Letting people talk in media? Portrait and problems of citizens’ participation in audience discussion programmesLopes, Felisbela; Ribeiro, Fábio Fonseca; Neto, Ivo Emanuel Campos MachadoConference paperOpen access
2009Press Councils in Portugal and France : something new on the Western frontFidalgo, JoaquimConference paperOpen access
2007What is journalism and what only looks like it? Re-defining concepts, roles and rules in the wide field of communicationFidalgo, JoaquimConference paperOpen access