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TitleI´m a creative not a programmer! Computer programming for artists supported by tabletPCs
Author(s)Cardoso, Elisabete P. C.
Branco, Pedro
Moreira, Maria Alfredo
KeywordsActive learning
Competence-based pedagogy
Issue date2008
CitationINTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE E-LEARNING BALTICS, Rostock, Alemanha, 2008 – “ E-Learning Baltics : proceedings of the International Conference e-Learning Baltics 2008“. [S.l. : s.n., 2008].
Abstract(s)Teaching computer programming to artists and designers with no prior programming experience is a challenging task. Programming relies on the ability to observe, analyse, classify and organize thinking, analytically structuring the reasoning, processes with which artists and designers typically are not familiar with or at least do not formalize them in the same way programmers do. The aim of this paper is to share an experience on the teaching/learning of computer programming by artists and designers. This work was developed during the school year of 2007-2008, in the context of the course of Fundamentals of Web Programming part of the Masters Program in Technology and Digital Arts of the School of Engineering, University of Minho. In this experience, the fundamentals of Competence-based Pedagogy, using constructivist and cooperative methodologies we applied. We strive towards the integration and exchange of knowledge among students, and thus develop the desired competences in the students. To accomplish this goal, we integrate some of the functionalities provided by tabletPCs in our pedagogic strategy, aiming at fostering active participation of the students, increasing their motivation and developing programming competences. This work also presents a scenario for employing technology to support active learning. We have collected data which will help us to understand the extent to which ou objectives have been reached, in what our pedagogic strategy is concerned, but also in what the use of this technology is concerned.
TypeConference paper
AccessOpen access
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