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TitleMovement generation using dynamical systems : a humanoid robot performing a drumming task
Author(s)Degallier, Sarah
Santos, Cristina
Righetti, Ludovic
Ijspeert, Auke
KeywordsDynamical systems
Rumming task
Issue date4-Dec-2006
JournalIeee-Ras International Conference on Humanoid Robots
CitationINTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON HUMANOID ROBOTS, 6, Génova, 2006 – “International Conference on Humanoid Robots : IEEE-RAS”. [S.l. :s.n., 2006].
Abstract(s)The online generation of trajectories in humanoid robots remains a difficult problem. In this contribution, we present a system that allows the superposition, and the switch between, discrete and rhythmic movements. Our approach uses nonlinear dynamical systems for generating trajectories online and in real time. Our goal is to make use of attractor properties of dynamical systems in order to provide robustness against small perturbations and to enable online modulation of the trajectories. The system is demonstrated on a humanoid robot performing a drumming task.
TypeConference paper
AccessOpen access
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