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TitleStudy of tribological properties of moulds obtained by stereolithography
Author(s)Gonçalves, Mathias
Salmoria, Gean
Ahrens, Carlos
Pouzada, A. S.
Hybrid moulds
Injection moulding
Issue date2007
PublisherTaylor & Francis
JournalVirtual and Physical Prototyping
Citation"Virtual and Physical Prototyping". issn 1745-2759. 2:1 (Mar. 2007) 29-36.
Abstract(s)Stereolithography (SL) is a process that allows the rapid manufacturing of high-accuracy rapid tools using an ultraviolet laser beam to polymerize a liquid resin, layer-by-layer. In this work, the friction properties of commercial SL resins in contact with several thermoplastics were assessed. Friction experiments were done with plastics overmoulded onto moulding blocks made from SL resins. It was observed that polymers with Hildebrand solubility parameters close to the resins showed adhesion characteristics that were not observed in polymers with values of this parameter further apart.
AccessOpen access
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