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TitleColonialism and liberation struggle in Mozambican history textbooks: a diachronic analysis
Author(s)Cabecinhas, Rosa
Cassimo, Jamal
Sá, Alberto
Macedo, Isabel Moreira
KeywordsNational narratives
Liberation script
Social representations of history
Livros didáticos
Manuais escolares
Memória pública
Issue date2022
PublisherInformation Age Publishing (AIP)
CitationCabecinhas, R., Jamal, C., Sá, A., & Macedo, I. (2022). Colonialism and liberation struggle in Mozambican History textbooks: A diachronic analysis. In I. Brescó & F. van Alphen (Eds.), Reproducing, rethinking, resisting national narratives. A sociocultural approach to schematic narrative templates (pp. 37–57). Information Age Publishing.
Abstract(s)In this chapter, we undertake a diachronic analysis of the content of Mozambican history textbooks, since the country’s independence in 1975. We identified four main periods in the Mozambican education system over the last fifty years. First (1975-1983), breaking with colonial education. Second (1983-1992), implementing a “socialist” education. Third (1992-2004/8), promoting “Mozambicanness” with curricular reform after the 16-year civil war. Fourth (since 2004/8), aiming at “multicultural” education. In all these periods, the colonial liberation struggles in Mozambique are presented as the core of the national building process. Although there are changes in the type of language used over time, the schematic narrative templates remain similar, emphasising the need of national unity under the leadership of the ruling political elite.
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