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TitleDefinition of homogenous road sectors according to COST 336
Author(s)Vrancianu, I.
Freitas, Elisabete F.
KeywordsFalling weight deflectometer
homogenous road sectors
coefficient of variance
Issue date2007
Citation"Intersections". ISSN 1582-3024. 3:1 (2007) 66-78.
Abstract(s)The present paper presents the work undertaken by the author in the frame of “Leonardo da Vinci” Student Mobility Program, Contract RO/2004/PL93209/S, at Universidade do Minho - Center for Civil Engineering, in Portugal. The work dealt with the structural assessment and design of the rehabilitation of a highway sector in northern Portugal. A brief description of the main activities performed and the main results of the work are presented. It included, surface and structural condition assessment, coring, laboratory testing, and estimation of residual life and overlay design. A methodology to divide the road into homogenous sectors, according to recommendations of COST 336 Action Final Report, is applied in order to optimize the rehabilitation activities. The method is based on the computation of the cumulative sum of the deflection, on validation of the homogeneity and analysis of the statistical relevance of the division. The methodology is easy to use and results, in this case, matched the field visual observations and the results of the laboratory tests. Furthermore, it could be easily integrated in a computer program.
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