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TitleBook review. Kimberley Brownlee. Being sure of each other. An essay on social rights. Oxford: Oxford University press, 2020. 246 pp.
Author(s)Colen, J. A.
Batista, Rúben
KeywordsCivil disobedience
Issue date5-Apr-2021
PublisherPeeters Publishers
JournalEthical Perspectives
Abstract(s)[Excerpt] Kimberley Brownlee is a professor of philosophy at the University of Warwick, wellknown for her controversial challenge to the ‘conventional’ view of the idea of civil disobedience. Brownlee is, namely, the author of Conscience and Conviction (Oxford: OUP, 2012) and of the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy entry on the topic. Most of her more recent work may be said to focus on ethics and politics of ‘sociability’, within the perspective of applied ethics. Her most important book along these lines, until the publication of the present one, was Disability and Disadvantage (Oxford: OUP, 2009), coedited with Adam Cureton.
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AccessOpen access
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