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TitleXATA 2008: XML: applications and associated technologies
Other titlesXML: aplicações e tecnologias associadas: 6th National Conference
Editor(s)Ramalho, José Carlos
Lopes, João Correia
Abreu, Salvador Luís de Bethencourt Pinto de
Issue date14-Feb-2008
CitationRAMALHO, José Carlos ; LOPES, João Correia ; ABREU, Salvador, ed. lit. – “XATA2008 : XML: applications and associated technologies : proceedings of the National Conference, 6, Évora, Portugal, 2008”. [Évora : Departamento de Informática da Universidade de Évora], 2008. ISBN 978-972-99166-5-6.
Abstract(s)This volume contains the papers presented at the Sixth Portuguese XML Conference, called XATA (XML, Aplicações e Tecnologias Associadas), held in Évora, Portugal, 14-15 February, 2008. The conference followed on from a successful series held throughout Portugal in the last years: XATA2003 was held in Braga, XATA2004 was held in Porto, XATA2005 was held in Braga, XATA2006 was held in Portalegre and XATA2007 was held in Lisboa. Dued to research evaluation criteria that are being used to evaluate researchers and research centers national conferences are becoming deserted. Many did not manage to gather enough submissions to proceed in this scenario. XATA made it through. However with a large decrease in the number of submissions. In this edition a special meeting will join the steering committee with some interested attendees to discuss XATA's future: internationalization, conference model, ... We think XATA is important in the national context. It has succeeded in gathering and identifying a comunity that shares the same research interests and has promoted some colaborations. We want to keep "the wheel spinning"... This edition has its program distributed by first day's afternoon and next day's morning. This way we are facilitating travel arrangements and we will have one night to meet.
TypeConference proceedings
AccessOpen access
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