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TitleUsing mine waste mud to produce environmentally friendly new binders
Author(s)Torgal, Fernando Pacheco
Gomes, J. P. Castro
Jalali, Said
Issue date2007
PublisherIOS Press
CitationBRAGANÇA, Luis [et. al.], ed. lit. – “Challenge of the industry for the new millennium : proceedings of the Sustainable Construction, Materials and Practices Conference (Portugal SB07), Lisboa, Portugal, 2007”. Amsterdam: IOS Press, 2007. ISBN 978-1-58603-785-7. pt. 2, p. 912-917.
Abstract(s)It is now accepted that new binders, such as alkali-activated binders, are needed to replace portland cement for enhanced environmental and durability performance. Alkali-activated binders have emerged as an alternative to (ordinary portland cement ) OPC binders, which seem to have superior durability and environmental impact.This paper reports results of a research project on the development of an alkali-activated binders using mineral waste mud from the Panasqueira tungsten mine in Portugal. Results show that with proper mix design, this new binder presents exceptionally high compressive strength even at early ages. Results also indicate, better abrasion and acid resistance compared with concrete using OPC. Leaching tests show that the new binder is considered an inert material which indicates that it could be used as a building material.
TypeConference paper
AccessOpen access
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