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TitleInvestigations on mix design of tungsten mine waste geopolymeric binder
Author(s)Torgal, Fernando Pacheco
Gomes, J. P. Castro
Jalali, Said
KeywordsMix design
Geopolymeric binder
Tungsten mine waste
Compressive strength
Issue date2008
JournalConstruction and Building Materials
Citation"Construction and Building Materials". ISSN 0950-0618 (2008) 1939-1949.
Abstract(s)Strength data show that the parameters, which lead to optimum strength for 7 days curing, remain the same for long curing ages. However, when calcium hydroxide percentages above 10% are used, strength decrease after 14th curing day is noticed. In order to explain this behaviour several hypotheses are discussed. The use of an activator with a sodium hydroxide concentration of 24 M leads to a compressive strength of almost 70 MPa. The strength performance is typical of a very reactive binder, being suggested that it is due to the calcium hydroxide and also to the nucleation centers provided by the iron oxide of the mine waste mud. Results allow foreseeing that even higher strength performance could be achieved if lower water/sodium molar ratios were used.
AccessOpen access
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