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TitleHydrodynamic entrance length for laminar flow in microchannels with rectangular cross section
Author(s)Ferreira, Germán
Sucena, Artur
Ferrás, Luís Jorge Lima
Pinho, Fernando T.
Afonso, Alexandre M.
KeywordsDevelopment length
3D microchannels
Newtonian fluid
Effects of Reynolds number and aspect ratio
Numerical methods
Finite volume method
Issue dateJul-2021
Abstract(s)This work presents a detailed numerical investigation on the required development length (L=L/B) in laminar Newtonian fluid flow in microchannels with rectangular cross section and different aspect ratios (AR). The advent of new microfluidic technologies shifted the practical Reynolds numbers (Re) to the range of unitary (and even lower) orders of magnitude, i.e., creeping flow conditions. Therefore, accurate estimations of L at Re≤O(1) are important for microsystem design. At such low Reynolds numbers, in which inertial forces are less dominant than viscous forces, flow characteristics become necessarily different from those at the macroscale where Re is typically much larger. A judicious choice of mesh refinement and adequate numerical methods allowed obtaining accurate results and a general correlation for estimating L, valid in the ranges 0≤Re≤2000 and 0.1≤AR≤1, thus covering applications in both macro and microfluidics.
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AccessOpen access
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