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TitleBikeability and emerging phenomena in cycling: exploratory analysis and review
Author(s)Castañon, Ugo N.
Ribeiro, Paulo
KeywordsSystematic review
Bikeability index
Bicycle sharing systems
Electric bicycles
Sustainable mobility
Issue date23-Feb-2021
PublisherMultidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI)
JournalSustainability (MDPI)
CitationCastañon, U.N.; Ribeiro, P.J.G. Bikeability and Emerging Phenomena in Cycling: Exploratory Analysis and Review. Sustainability 2021, 13, 2394.
Abstract(s)Recent strategies to improve the performance of the cycling mode of transport are based on infrastructural, behavioral, and multimodal measures, which are related to the concept of bikeability. A literature review on “bikeability indexes” was conducted focusing on indicators, using a four-step systematic process. Fourteen studies were included for the final analysis and provided 138 indicators, 17 criteria, and four domains. The exploratory analysis evidenced limited application of indicators related to pollution, scarce use of indicators related to bicycle sharing systems (BSS), absence of indicators related to electric bicycles, lack of indicators related to digital solutions, and the need of a calibration and validation process for bikeability indexes. Considering the changes and opportunities created by emerging innovations (namely BSS and electric bicycles) and the health trade-off related to pollution reduction, this research reveals that the current bikeability indexes do not fully address the real potential of a cycle network, limiting its use as a comprehensive tool for the promotion of sustainable mobility.
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