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TitleAutomatic modeling of an orthotic bracing for nonoperative correction of Pectus Carinatum
Author(s)Vilaça, João L.
Rodrigues, Pedro Miguel Loureiro
Moreira, António Herculano Jesus
Fonseca, João Luís Gomes
Pinho, A. C. Marques
Fonseca, Jaime C.
Rodrigues, Nuno Miguel Feixa
Keywords3D image processing
Mesh processing
Nonoperative treatment
Pectus Carinatum
Issue date31-May-2013
PublisherSCITEPRESS – Science and Technology Publications
Abstract(s)Pectus Carinatum is a deformity of the chest wall, characterized by an anterior protrusion of the sternum, often corrected surgically due to cosmetic motivation. This work presents an alternative approach to the current open surgery option, proposing a novel technique based on a personalized orthosis. Two different processes for the orthosis' personalization are presented. One based on a 3D laser scan of the patient chest, followed by the reconstruction of the thoracic wall mesh using a radial basis function, and a second one, based on a computer tomography scan followed by a neighbouring cells algorithm. The axial position where the orthosis is to be located is automatically calculated using a Ray-Triangle intersection method, whose outcome is input to a pseudo Kochenek interpolating spline method to define the orthosis curvature. Results show that no significant differences exist between the patient chest physiognomy and the curvature angle and size of the orthosis, allowing a better cosmetic outcome and less initial discomfort.
TypeConference paper
Publisher version
AccessOpen access
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