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dc.contributor.authorSilva, Pedro Correia Pereira da-
dc.contributor.authorBragança, L.-
dc.contributor.authorMendonça, Paulo-
dc.contributor.authorAlmeida, Manuela Guedes de-
dc.identifier.citationFERNANDES, E. de Oliveira ; SILVA, M. Gameiro da ; PINTO, J. Rosado, eds. – “Healthy Buildings 2006 : proceedings of the Heathy Buildings : creating a heathy indoor environment for people, Lisboa, Portugal, 2006.” Lisboa : Instituto de Engenharia Mecânica, 2006. p. 247- 252.eng
dc.description.abstractEnergy is one of the main causes of the environmental pollution. In the European Union, buildings are responsible for 40% of the final energy demand and 1/3 of the emissions of greenhouse gases. Therefore, in order to promote the energy consumption reduction, it is fundamental to employ sustainable development principles in the construction sector. In order to demonstrate and show the potentialities of Sustainable building technologies two Test Cells were built. Comparing the solutions obtained via “in-situ” measurements and energy simulation tools, it was verified that the new Sustainable solution has a better energetic and environmental performance.eng
dc.subjectPassive solar technologieseng
dc.subjectTest celleng
dc.subjectEnergy simulationeng
dc.titleSustainable test cell : performance evaluationeng
sdum.pagination247- 252eng
oaire.citationConferenceDate4 - 8 Jun. 2006eng
sdum.event.locationLisboa, Portugaleng
sdum.event.titleHB2006 - Heathy Buildings - Creating a heathy indoor environment for peopleeng
sdum.conferencePublicationHB 2006 - Healthy Buildings: Creating a Healthy Indoor Environment for People, Proceedingspor
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