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TitleOrganização e funções do dossier de imprensa: o caso do discurso mediático do ambiente em Portugal
Author(s)Ramos, Rui Lima
Géneros textuais
Discuso de imprensa
Press discourse
Issue date15-Aug-2007
PublisherUniversidade do Sul de Santa Catarina (UNISUL)
CitationBONINI, Adair ; FIGUEIREDO, Débora de Carvalho ; RAUEN, Fábio José – “Anais [do] 4º Simpósio Internacional de Estudos de Gêneros Textuais, Tubarão, Santa Catarina, Brasil, 2007” [CD-ROM]. Tubarão : UNISUL, 2007. p.1776-1791.
Abstract(s)The following study aims to analyse and explain the textual organisation and the most relevant pragmatic-communicative traits of the textual structure referred as “dossier” in a reference Portuguese contemporary daily newspaper (Público), which is identifiable as dealing with the problem of greenhouse effect and climate change, a deeply involving subject in our word today. This study settles on the vast field of discourse analysis, specifically on an area of intersection between text studies (specially considering the media discourse) and pragmatics. It receives inspiration and guiding from French studies on discourse analysis and identifies Adam (1997), Charaudeau (1997) and Moirand (1999) as its most obvious theoretical references.
TypeConference paper
AccessOpen access
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