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TitleSleep disturbances in depressed pregnant women and their newborns
Author(s)Field, Tiffany
Diego, Miguel
Hernandez-Reif, Maria
Figueiredo, Bárbara
Schanberg, Saul
Kuhn, Cynthia
KeywordsSleep disturbance
Maternal depression
Issue date2007
JournalInfant Behavior & Development
Citation"Infant Behavior & Development". ISSN 0163-6383. 30 (2007) 127-133.
Abstract(s)Pregnant women (N= 253) were recruited during their second trimester of pregnancy (M= 22.3 weeks gestation) and assigned to depressed (N= 83) and non-depressed groups based on a SCID diagnosis of depression. They were then given self-report measures on sleep disturbance, depression, anxiety and anger, and their urine was assayed for norepinephrine and cortisol. These measures were repeated during their third trimester (M= 32.4 weeks). Their newborns were then observed during sleep. During both the second and third trimesters, the depressed women had more sleep disturbances and higher depression, anxiety and anger scores. They also had higher norepinephrine and cortisol levels. The newborns of the depressed mothers also had more sleep disturbances including less time in deep sleep and more time in indeterminate (disorganized) sleep, and they were more active and cried/fussed more.
AccessOpen access
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