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TitleExperimental and numerical analysis on the structural fire behaviour of three-cell hollowed concrete masonry walls
Author(s)Oliveira, Rafael Luiz Galvão
Rodrigues, João Paulo
Pereira, João Miguel
Lourenço, Paulo B.
Lopes, Ruben R.
Concrete masonry wall
Experimental and numerical analysis
Issue dateFeb-2021
JournalEngineering Structures
Abstract(s)Masonry is one of the oldest and most traditional materials in building construction. Nevertheless, the knowledge on the structural fire behaviour of masonry elements is not yet well consolidated. The literature on the load-bearing capacity of masonry walls in case of fire showed an enhanced performance of these elements, however the lack of normative documents, characterization of material properties at high temperatures and experimental results, for calibrating and validating the numerical models, indicates the need of further research. A research study on the structural fire behaviour of three-cell hollowed concrete masonry walls subjected to fire is presented based on results of experimental and numerical studies. First, several loadbearing capacity tests at high temperatures and fire resistance tests on the walls, were carried out in order to assess their behaviour, critical times, failure modes and temperature distribution. The specimens were built with three cell concrete blocks and M10 mortar and were then subjected to an in-plane serviceability load during test. The temperatures, loads and displacements were measured. Second, finite element models were developed and validated with the experimental results. The experimental and numerical results were also compared with the ones given by EN1996-1–2 provisions.
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Publisher version
AccessOpen access
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