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TitleDesign and experimental analysis of a new shear connector for steel and concrete composite structures
Author(s)Veríssimo, G. S.
Paes, J. L. R.
Valente, Isabel
Cruz, Paulo J. S.
Fakury, R. H.
Issue date2006
PublisherTaylor & Francis
CitationCRUZ, Paulo J. S. ; FRANFOPOL, Dan M.; NEVES, Luís C., ed. lit.- “Bridge Mainetance, Safety, Management, Life-Cycle, Performance and Cost : proceedings of the International Conference on Bridge Maintenance, Safety and Management, 3, Porto, 2006” [S.l.] : Taylor & Francis, 2006. ISBN 978-0-415-40315-3.
Abstract(s)This work presents the design of a new shear connector and the corresponding results obtained on push-out tests. This new shear connector consists on a steel rib with indented cut shape that provides resistance to longitudinal shear and prevents transversal separation between the concrete slab and the steel profile (uplift). Adding to this, the connector openings cut makes easier the arrangement of transversal reinforcement bars. The installation of the connectors is simple and requires only common welding procedure. Due to its load capacity, the indented connector is able to replace a group of stud bolts. Its structural behaviour is analyzed and compared with other existing connectors, like the stud bolt and the Perfobond. The influence of different geometrical and mechanical aspects on the ultimate load capacity and ductility is assessed. The performed studies indicate that the proposed indented connector presents a good mechanical performance, associated with constructive and economical advantages.
TypeConference paper
AccessOpen access
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