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TitleBrand communication on Instagram during the COVID-19 pandemic: perceptions of users and brands
Author(s)Patrícia Dias
Pessôa, Clarisse Alves Monteiro
Andrade, José Gabriel
Issue date12-Jul-2020
CitationDias, P., Pessôa, C. & Andrade, J. G. (2020, julho). Brand communication on Instagram during the COVID-19 pandemic: perceptions of users and brands. Comunicação apresentada no congresso IAMCR Tampere 2020, Tampere.
Abstract(s)Social media, based on user-generated content, connectivity, and participation, have become a new environment for brands to capture attention and build lasting relationships with customers and fans. Participating in these platforms demanded a paradigmatic shift in branding and brand communication, who became more focused on listening to consumers and fans, interacting and collaborating with them, and nurturing mutually beneficial relationships. Digital influencers act as mediators between brands and their followers and play a pivotal role in Instagram marketing strategies. The COVID-19 pandemic, and the resulting confinement of the population and emergency status adopted in many countries, is having a profound impact on brands. Many of them, unable to produce and market their products or offering their services, are focusing on their communication, on remaining relevant or becoming more relevant for their fans and customers. Brand communication on Instagram has changed during this short period, and our exploratory study sets out to map the main changes and to understand how both brands, influencers and users perceive them. This article presents results from an online survey to a purposive sample of 160 Instagrammers, addressing their perceptions about the impact of these changes on their relationship with brands and influencers. We complement the perspective of users with interviews to 25 other relevant agents, namely Instagram influencers, marketing agencies and brands with relevant presence on Instagram.
TypePanel presentation
AccessOpen access
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