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TitleA pragmatic protocol for database replication in interconnected clusters
Author(s)Pereira, José, 1973-
Oliveira, Rui Carlos Mendes de
Grov, J.
Soares, L.
Correia Júnior, Alfrânio Tavares
Pedone, F.
KeywordsDistributed systems
Issue date2006
CitationJESKE, Daniel ; CIARDO, Gianfranco ; DAI, Yuan-Shun, ed. lit. – “PRDC 2006 : proceedings of the Pacific Rim International Symposium on Dependable Computing, 12, Riverside, California, USA, 2006”. Los Alamitos, Califórnia : IEEE Computer Society, 2006.
Abstract(s)Multi-master update everywhere database replication, as achieved by protocols based on group communication such as DBSM and Postgres-R, addresses both performance and availability. By scaling it to wide area networks, one could save costly bandwidth and avoid large round-trips to a distant master server. Also, by ensuring that updates are safely stored at a remote site within transaction boundaries, disaster recovery is guaranteed. Unfortunately, scaling existing cluster based replication protocols is troublesome. In this paper we present a database replication protocol based on group communication that targets interconnected clusters. In contrast with previous proposals, it uses a separate multicast group for each cluster and thus does not impose any additional requirements on group communication, easing implementation and deployment in a real setting. Nonetheless, the protocol ensures one-copy equivalence while allowing all sites to execute update transactions. Experimental evaluation using the workload of the industry standard TPC-C benchmark confirms the advantages of the approach.
TypeConference paper
AccessOpen access
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