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TitleA formal approach to argumentation in group decision scenarios
Author(s)Neves, José
Novais, Paulo
Machado, José Manuel
Marreiros, Goreti
Ramos, Carlos
KeywordsGroup Decision
Argument reasoning
Issue date2006
PublisherInstituto Politécnico do Porto. Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto (ISEP)
CitationRAMOS, C. Vale Z. ; FARIA, L., eds. – “Knowledge and Decision Technologies”. Porto: IPP, ISEP, 2006.
Abstract(s)Time and space consuming are disadvantages in group meetings but are easily faced in computer systems. Agent based group decision support systems reduce the loss usually associated to group work, turning more relevant the benefits that emerge from group meetings. Better decisions are taken after negotiation through choice and convincement. In this paper, a formal logic programming based system is proposed to represent agent knowledge and reasoning in order to be used in argumentation for decision group taking, supporting meetings where agents participate and communicate.
TypeBook part
AccessOpen access
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