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TitleMethodologies to generate, extract, purify and fractionate yeast ECM for analytical use in proteomics and glycomics
Author(s)Faria-Oliveira, Fábio
Carvalho, Joana
Belmiro, Celso L R
Martinez-Gomariz, Montserrat
Hernaez, Maria Luisa
Pavão, Mauro
Gil, Concha
Lucas, Cândida
Ferreira, Célia
KeywordsCandida albicans
Chemistry Techniques, Analytical
Extracellular Matrix
Fungal Proteins
Reproducibility of Results
Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Issue date25-Oct-2014
JournalBMC Microbiology
Abstract(s)In a multicellular organism, the extracellular matrix (ECM) provides a cell-supporting scaffold and helps maintaining the biophysical integrity of tissues and organs. At the same time it plays crucial roles in cellular communication and signalling, with implications in spatial organisation, motility and differentiation. Similarly, the presence of an ECM-like extracellular polymeric substance is known to support and protect bacterial and fungal multicellular aggregates, such as biofilms or colonies. However, the roles and composition of this microbial ECM are still poorly understood.
AccessOpen access
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