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TitleImproving production flexibility in an industrial company by shortening changeover time: a triple helix collaborative project
Author(s)Trojanowska, Justyna
Zywicki, Krzysztof
Varela, M.L.R.
Machado, José
Eliminating Waste
Fibreboard Products
Global Market
Hardboard Products
Improve Production Processes
Improved workflow
Industrial Company
Lean Manufacturing
Line Costs Reduction
Production Flexibility
Production Improvement
Shortening Changeover Time
Single Minute Exchange of Die (SMED)
Soft Board Products
Standardized Changeovers
Triple Helix Collaborative Project
Wood Fibres
Wood Industry
Issue date2016
Abstract(s)This chapter presents a triple helix collaborative project carried out through the collaboration of members of three Universities in order to analyze the impact of shortening changeover time on production flexibility in an Industrial Company. The project has been developed for a production company, whose products are fibreboard, hardboard, and soft board products manufactured by a highly specialized Industry using only pure wood fibres. The main reason why it was decided to complete the project was the existence of too long lead times, which meant that many orders were delayed. The main objectives of the project were to reduce changeover times and to increase production flexibility. Therefore, changeover time was analyzed to understand if some activities could be eliminated, moved or simplified. The implemented solution has resulted in shortened lead time, improved workflow, reduced costs of line putting in readiness, standardized changeovers, and has significantly contributed to improving the competitiveness of the Company on the market.
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