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TitleA multiconstrained QoS aware scheduler for class-based IP networks
Author(s)Sousa, Pedro
Carvalho, Paulo
Freitas, Vasco
KeywordsQuality of service
Traffic engineering
Queue management
Resource management
Issue dateJul-2005
Citation“The mediterranean journal of computers and networks”. ISSN 1744-2397.1:1 ( July 2005) 20-36.
Abstract(s)This article presents a modular scheduler with powerful semantics able to differentiate simultaneously multiple QoS metrics in classbased IP networks. In opposition to traditional scheduling mechanisms, this scheduler encompasses rate, loss and delay differentiation capabilities in a flexible way. This behaviour stems from new relative and mixed differentiation models able to bound QoS parameters on high sensitive traffic classes. The results show that using simple and intuitive configuration procedures the proposed architecture is able to provide enhanced QoS differentiation behavior in IP networks according to the users and applications needs. In this way, this proposal is an useful contribution to system designers and network engineers aiming at simple, intuitive, easy to configure and effective mechanisms to enhance QoS in IP networks.
AccessOpen access
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