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TitleOpenAIRE: Advancing open science
Author(s)Manghi, Paolo
Artini, Michele
Atzori, Claudio
Baglioni, Miriam
Bardi, Alessia
La Bruzzo, Sandro
De Bonis, Michele
Dimitropoulos, Harry
Foufoulas, Ioannis
Iatropoulou, Katerina
Manola, Natalia
Martziou, Stefania
Príncipe, Pedro
Issue date1-Jan-2018
Abstract(s)OpenAIRE, the point of reference for Open Access in Europe, is now addressing the problem of enabling the Open Science paradigm. To this aim it will provide services to: (i) overcome the limits of today’s scientific communication landscape, by allowing research communities and the relative e-infrastructures to fully publish, interlink, package and reuse their research artefacts (e.g. literature, data, and software) and their funding grants within the European and global ecosystem as supported/promoted by OpenAIRE, (ii) enable end-users (e.g. researchers, funder officers) to search and consult a rich and up-to-date knowledge graph of research results and (iii) enable scientific and educational information repositories and publishers to subscribe and be notified of changes in the OpenAIRE knowledge graph. These combined actions will bring long-term and immediate benefits to research communities, research organisations, repository managers, and funders by affecting the way research results are disseminated and reused. On the one hand, publishing the interlinked and packaged research literature, data and software via OpenAIRE drives research communities to an Open Science transition in a consistent and interoperable fashion. On the other hand, the resulting infrastructure concretely enables the construction of Open Science oriented services, supporting practices such as machine-assisted research reproducibility and evaluation.
AccessOpen access
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