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TitleAdequacy of game scenarios for an object with Playware Technology to promote emotion recognition in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Author(s)Silva, Vinicius Corrêa Alves
Soares, Filomena
Esteves, João Sena
Pereira, Ana Paula da Silva
Matos, Demétrio Ferreira
KeywordsHuman-Robot Interaction
Tangible Interfaces
Issue date2020
JournalAdvances in Intelligent Systems and Computing
CitationSilva, V., Soares, F., Esteves, J.S., Pereira, A.P. S., & Matos, D. (2020). Adequacy of Game Scenarios for an Object with Playware Technology to Promote Emotion Recognition in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, In Kacprzyk, J.; Waldemar K.; Stefan P.; & Redha T. (eds.), Human Systems Engineering and Design II: Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, 1026 (pp. 293-298). Cham: Springer Nature Switzerland.
Abstract(s)Every human interaction is emphasized by the participants’ emotional states and manifestations. Being unable to understand the emotional state of the others is a significant deficit for anyone. This is the situation children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) usually find themselves in. Thus, re-searchers are exploring different technologies, such as Objects based on Playware Technology and social robots, in order to improve the emotion recognition skills of individuals with ASD. Following this trend, an im-proved Object of Playware Technology to be used in a storytelling activity as an add-on to the human-robot interaction with children with ASD, is pro-posed in the present work. Additionally, an evaluation of the images devel-oped for the game scenario was conducted through an online questionnaire. Overall, the storytelling scenarios were well interpreted by the participants, matching a mean accuracy of 90%.
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Description"First Online: 14 August 2019"
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