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TitleEvaluation of linseed oil oleogels to partially replace pork backfat in fermented sausages
Author(s)Franco, Daniel
Martins, Artur J.
López-Pedrouso, María
Cerqueira, Miguel A.
Purriños, Laura
Pastrana, Lorenzo M.
Vicente, A. A.
Zapata, Carlos
Lorenzo, José M.
Textural properties
Fatty acid
n-6/n-3 ratio
Issue date15-Jan-2020
PublisherSociety of Chemical Industry
JournalJournal of the Science of Food and Agriculture
CitationFranco, Daniel; Martins, Artur J.; López-Pedrouso, María; Cerqueira, Miguel A.; Purriños, Laura; Pastrana, Lorenzo M.; Vicente, António A.; Zapata, Carlos; Lorenzo, José M., Evaluation of linseed oil oleogels to partially replace pork backfat in fermented sausages. Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, 100(105265), 218-224, 2020
Abstract(s)BACKGROUND Nowadays, fat replacement in meat products is the general concern in meat industry. The objective of this study was to evaluate the replacement of pork backfat with two oleogels of linseed in drycured sausages. RESULTS Five batches of drycured sausages were prepared with two oleogels: a mixture of &ip.gamma;oryzanol and sitosterol (SO) and beeswax (B), at two levels of replacement (20 and 40%) (SO20, SO40, B20 and B40, respectively) and a control batch. The fatty acid profile improved in terms of nutrition, thus the PUFA/SFA and n6/n3 ratio was about 1.41 and 0.93 for the higher levels of replacement, SO40 and B40, respectively. In addition, quality parameters such as pH and color parameters changed with the inclusion of oleogels resulting changes at sensory quality. CONCLUSION Oleogels based on linseed enabled the replacement of pork backfat in fermented sausages. Depending on the level of fat substitution such oleogels can develop into potential to fat replacers in drycured sausages at the industrial level.
Description"Published online in Wiley Online Library: 29 October 2019"
AccessOpen access
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