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TitleProsthetic aortic valve: a bone in the system
Author(s)Pereira, Vítor Hugo
Guardado, Joana
Fernandes, Marina
Lourenço, Mário
Machado, Inocência
Quelhas, Isabel
Azevedo, Olga
Lourenço, António
Aortic Valve
Endocarditis, Bacterial
Foreign Bodies
Streptococcal Infections
Heart Valve Prosthesis
Streptococcus milleri Group
Infective endocarditis
Prosthetic aortic valve
Streptococcus milleri
Issue dateFeb-2015
PublisherElsevier Doyma SL
JournalRevista Portuguesa de Cardiologia
CitationPereira, V. H., Guardado, J., Fernandes, M., et. al.(2015). Prosthetic aortic valve: A bone in the system. Revista Portuguesa de Cardiologia (English Edition), 34(2),
Abstract(s)We report a case of a 73-year-old female patient admitted to the surgical department for a splenic abscess. She had a history of a mechanical aortic valve implanted two years earlier. During the diagnostic work-up, the patient underwent a transesophageal echocardiogram that revealed the presence of multiple paravalvular abscesses, establishing the diagnosis of prosthetic valve endocarditis. A few days later, the echocardiogram was repeated due to a new-onset systolic-diastolic murmur. A large pseudoaneurysm and significant periprosthetic regurgitation were now noted and the patient was referred for cardiac surgery. The microbiologic exam revealed the presence of Streptococcus milleri, usually found in the gastrointestinal flora and a known pathogenic agent of endocarditis. Interestingly, the patient had had a foreign body (bone fragment) removed from her esophagus a few weeks earlier, which was the probable portal of entry for this infective endocarditis.
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