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TitleIntegration of TMR sensors in silicon microneedles for magnetic measurements of neurons
Author(s)Amaral, José
Pinto, Vítor
Costa, Tiago
Gaspar, João
Ferreira, Ricardo
Paz, Elvira
Cardoso, Susana
Freitas, Paulo P.
KeywordsMagnetic tunnel junction sensors
Magnetoresistive devices
Neuroscience tool
Issue dateJul-2013
JournalIEEE Transactions on Magnetics
Abstract(s)In this work an alternative neuroscience tool for electromagnetic measurements of neurons at the level of individual cells is developed. To perform such measurements we propose the integration of an array of magnetoresistive sensors on micro-machined Si probes capable of being inserted within the brain without further damage. Si-etch based micromachining process for neural probes is demonstrated in the manufacture of a probe with 15 magnetoresistive sensors in the tip of each shaft. Magnetic tunnel junction sensors with dimensions of 30 μm × 2 μm, sensitivities of 3.32 V/T and detectivity of ≈13 nT/Sqrt (Hz) are placed in the end of the sharply defined probe tips. In order to measure the small signals coming from the neurons, a homemade signal amplifying system was used with a noise level of 240 n V RMS for the system bandwidth. The full system noise is 2772 n V RMS.
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