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TitleAbordagens à aprendizagem, autorregulação e motivação: Convergência no desempenho acadêmico excelente
Other titlesApproaches to learning, self-regulation and motivation: Their convergence on excellent academic performance
Author(s)Monteiro, Sílvia
Almeida, Leandro S.
Vasconcelos, Rosa
Issue date1-Dec-2012
PublisherAssociação Brasileira de Orientação Profissional (ABOP)
JournalRevista Brasileira de Orientação Profissional
CitationMonteiro, S. C., da Silva Almeida, L., & Vasconcelos, R. M. D. C. F. (2012). Abordagens à aprendizagem, autorregulação e motivação: convergência no desempenho acadêmico excelente. Revista Brasileira de Orientação Profissional, 13(2), 153-162
Abstract(s)In this exploratory study, we aimed to identify the factors that differentiate highly-achieving students and also analyze the variables predicting high performance. We applied the Scale of Study Skills and the Motivation for Deliberate Practice Questionnaire to a group of high achievers (N = 33) and a group of students with average achievement (N = 200), from 2nd to 5th grade in engineering courses. The results showed that high achievers have a positive statistical difference concerning a deeper approach to learning and motivations related to their future career. We also verified that high achievement is negatively associated with the time spent with team work, some specific study behaviors, and with a strategic orientation of the study towards the evaluation process.
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