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TitleRisks and benefits of transnational exchange of forensic DNA data in the EU: The views of professionals operating the Prüm system
Author(s)Machado, Helena
Granja, Rafaela
KeywordsPrüm system
National Contact Points
Issue date2019
JournalJournal of Forensic and Legal Medicine
CitationMachado, H. & Granja, R. (2019). Risks and Benefits of Transnational Exchange of Forensic DNA data in the EU: The Views of Professionals Operating the Prüm System. Journal of Forensic and Legal Medicine, 68, 101872.
Abstract(s)Under EU Law, Member States are compelled to engage in reciprocal automated forensic DNA profile exchange within the so-called Prüm system. Presently, 25 operational EU Member States exchange DNA data within the Prüm system to combat terrorism and cross-border crime. This article discusses the perceived risks and benefits of the Prüm system on the basis of a set of 37 interviews conducted in 22 EU countries, with 47 professionals operating the system (the National Contact Points – NCPs). The perceived benefits relate to the intensification of tools for combating transnational criminality; development of standardisation and harmonisation of forensic DNA testing procedures; and reinforcement of professional cooperation. The perceived risks are associated to the possibility that individuals may be prosecuted on the basis of false positives; the lack of available data to measure the effectiveness of the Prüm system; and the different modus operandi of police forces and judicial authorities. Our results reveal that perspectives on the risks and benefits of the Prüm system significantly vary according to the type of work performed by the NCPs. Our data shows a more complex range of perceived benefits and risks than those suggested in previous studies about the Prüm system.
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