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TitleContinuous immobilized yeast reactor system for complete beer fermentation using spent grains and corncobs as carrier materials
Author(s)Brányik, Tomáš
Silva, Daniel Pereira da
Vicente, A. A.
Lehnert, Radek
Silva, João B. Almeida e
Dostálek, Pavel
Teixeira, J. A.
Sensorial analysis
Issue dateDec-2006
JournalJournal of industrial microbiology and biotechnology
Citation"Journal of industrial microbiology and biotechnology". ISSN 1367-5435. 33:12 (Dec. 2006) 1010-1018.
Abstract(s)Despite extensive research carried out in the last few decades, continuous beer fermentation has not yet managed to outperform the traditional batch technology. An industrial breakthrough in favour of continuous brewing using immobilized yeast could be expected only on achievement of the following process characteristics: simple design, low investment costs, flexible operation, effective process control and good product quality. The application of cheap carrier materials of by-product origin could significantly lower the investment costs of continuous fermentation systems. This work deals with a complete continuous beer fermentation system consisting of a main fermentation reactor (gas-lift) and a maturation reactor (packedbed) containing yeast immobilized on spent grains and corncobs, respectively. The suitability of cheap carrier materials for long-term continuous brewing was proved. It was found that by fine tuning of process parameters (residence time, aeration) it was possible to adjust the flavour profile of the final product. Consumers considered the continuously fermented beer to be of a regular quality. Analytical and sensorial profiles of both continuously and batch fermented beers were compared.
AccessOpen access
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