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TitleOpinion on moderate/low cancer genetic risk markers in medical practice including comment on the article Genetic contribution to all cancers: the first demonstration using the model of breast cancers from Poland stratified by age at diagnosis and tumour pathology by Lubinski et al., Breast Cancer Res Treat 2008 Apr 15
Author(s)Costa, Sandra
Schmitt, Fernando C.
Issue date15-Jun-2008
JournalHereditary Cancer in Clinical Practice
Abstract(s)[Excerpt] Breast cancer is a heterogeneous disease characterized by a widely variable morphological appearance, many risk factors and distinct gene expression profiles [1, 2]. Common genetic alterations (e.g. polymorphisms), with possible effects on protein function and/or expression, within genes involved in essential cellular pathways, such as carcinogen metabolism, DNA repair, cell cycle control and cell proliferation, can predispose individuals to various tumours, including breast cancer [3-7]. [...]
TypeJournal editorial
AccessOpen access
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