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TitleMicrobial fuel cell-induced production of fungal laccase to degrade the anthraquinone dye Remazol Brilliant Blue R
Author(s)Simões, Marta Filipa Jesus Freitas
Maiorano, Alfredo Eduardo
Santos, Jonas Gomes dos
Peixoto, L.
Souza, Rodrigo Fernando Brambilla de
Neto, Almir Oliveira
Brito, António Guerreiro
Ottoni, Cristiane Angélica
KeywordsMicrobial fuel cell
Pleurotus ostreatus
Remazol Brilliant Blue R
Vigna radiata
Issue dateSep-2019
PublisherSpringer Nature
JournalEnvironmental Chemistry Letters
CitationSimões, Marta Filipa; Maiorano, Alfredo Eduardo; dos Santos, Jonas Gomes; Peixoto, L.; de Souza, Rodrigo F. B.; Neto, Almir Oliveira; Brito, António Guerreiro; Ottoni, Cristiane, Microbial fuel cell-induced production of fungal laccase to degrade the anthraquinone dye Remazol Brilliant Blue R. Environmental Chemistry Letters, 17(3), 1413-1420, 2019
Abstract(s)The anthraquinone dye Remazol Brilliant Blue R is largely used in the textile industry. However, its removal from wastewaters is costly and complex. Many methods have been tested to solve this ecological problem, but there is still a need for efficient methods. We propose here an alternative use of a two-chambered microbial fuel cell (MFC), fuelled with domestic wastewater in the anodic chamber, to degrade a simulated textile dye effluent made of Remazol Brilliant Blue R inoculated with an immobilised fungal strain, Pleurotus ostreatus URM 4809, as a laccase producer, in the cathodic chamber. The MFC showed continuous synthesis of laccase in the cathodic chamber, which, in turn, promoted the rapid decolourisation, of more than 86\% of the textile dye effluent. The yield was further increased by the addition of glycerol. Electrochemical monitoring also indicated an increase in power density and current density. After 20 days of MFC operation, 62.1\\% of organic matter was removed in the anodic compartment, thus leaving the effluent with a much lower toxicity.
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