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TitlePrefabricated building systems: evaluation of the construction practitioners’ perception on the environmental and economic benefits
Author(s)Couto, J. Pedro
Mendonça, Paulo
Reis, António Pedro Leite Sá Costa
Issue date2018
Publisher“Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University of IASI
JournalEnvironmental Engineering and Management Journal
Abstract(s)This paper focus on how prefabricated building systems can allow the implementation of deconstruction strategies. Prefabricated mechanically fixed components, in comparison with conventional concrete and brick in situ construction, can be more easily separated during demolition, allowing its reuse, and even if this is not possible, at least allowing the recycling or the energetic recovery. It is very important that construction practitioners understand the benefits of the prefabrication. As a way to evaluate the current Portuguese status in prefabrication, a survey was conducted within contractors, consulters and designers. The issues discussed were: construction methods comparison, and prefabrication characterization and potentialities. A discussion on the results of this survey is presented in this paper.
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