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TitleA systematic review on gamification and game-based learning in ERIC database
Author(s)Coutinho, Luís
Lencastre, José Alberto
KeywordsSystematic Review
Game-Based Learning
Issue date2019
PublisherUniversidade do Minho. Centro de Investigação em Educação (CIEd)
CitationCoutinho, L. & Lencastre, J. A. (2019). Systematic review of gamification and game-based learning. In B. D. da Silva, J. A. Lencastre, M. Bento & A. J. Osório (eds.), Experiences and perceptions of pedagogical practices with game-based learning & gamification. Braga: Centro de Investigação em Educação. Instituto de Educação da Universidade do Minho. (preprint)
Abstract(s)A systematic review uses a rigorous set of criteria for selecting published and available studies. This paper presents a systematic review on gamification and game-based learning in the Education Resources Information Center (ERIC) database. Once the review question has been defined, we set the keywords and their combinations, the inclusion and exclusion criteria and the review protocol. After developing our search strategy, we found 26,442 articles, but when applying the inclusion and exclusion criteria, 7 articles remained for data extraction. The content analysis of these 7 articles allowed us to design three major categories: (i) teachers, (ii) students and (iii) parents. The data analysis on gamification and game-based learning addressed the need for training the (i) teachers on the development of digital skills; (ii) students’ motivation and positive perceptions regarding games and mobile devices; and finally, the need to involve the (iii) parents in the educational process.
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