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TitleEcological, Photocatalytic, Superhydrophobic and Self-Cleaning Asphalt Pavement Surfaces
Author(s)Segundo, I. Rocha
Landi Jr., S.
Freitas, E. F.
Carneiro, Joaquim A. O.
Recycled Asphalts Mixtures
Surface characteristics
Issue dateJun-2019
CitationRocha Segundo I., Landi Jr. S., Freitas E.F., Carneiro J. A. O. Ecological, Photocatalytic, Superhydrophobic and Self-Cleaning Asphalt Pavement Surfaces, 3rd Doctoral Congress in Engineering, 2019
Abstract(s)The aim of this research is to develop multifunctions on recycled asphalt mixtures for the surface layer of road pavements. Therefore, preliminary research on functionalization has been carried out. Afterwards, the asphalt mixtures were designed and characterized by mechanical and superficial point of views. The next step is the design of the nanomaterials, their application on asphalt mixtures and the characterization from physical, mechanical and superficial behavior.
TypeOral presentation
AccessOpen access
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