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TitleNext generation community assessment of biomedical entity recognition web servers: metrics, performance, interoperability aspects of BeCalm
Author(s)Pérez-Pérez, Martin
Pérez-Rodríguez, Gael
Blanco-Míguez, Aitor
Fdez-Riverola, Florentino
Valencia, Alfonso
Krallinger, Martin
Lourenço, Anália
KeywordsNamed entity recognition
Shared task
BeCalm metaserver
Patent mining
Annotation server
Continuous evaluation
Text mining
Issue dateDec-2019
JournalJournal of Cheminformatics
CitationPérez-Pérez, Martin; Pérez-Rodríguez, Gael; Blanco-Míguez, Aitor; Fdez-Riverola, Florentino; Valencia, Alfonso; Krallinger, Martin; Lourenço, Anália, Next generation community assessment of biomedical entity recognition web servers: metrics, performance, interoperability aspects of BeCalm. Journal of Cheminformatics, 11(42), 2019
Abstract(s)Shared tasks and community challenges represent key instruments to promote research, collaboration and determine the state of the art of biomedical and chemical text mining technologies. Traditionally, such tasks relied on the comparison of automatically generated results against a so-called Gold Standard dataset of manually labelled textual data, regardless of efficiency and robustness of the underlying implementations. Due to the rapid growth of unstructured data collections, including patent databases and particularly the scientific literature, there is a pressing need to generate, assess and expose robust big data text mining solutions to semantically enrich documents in real time. To address this pressing need, a novel track called ``Technical interoperability and performance of annotation servers'' was launched under the umbrella of the BioCreative text mining evaluation effort. The aim of this track was to enable the continuous assessment of technical aspects of text annotation web servers, specifically of online biomedical named entity recognition systems of interest for medicinal chemistry applications.
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