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TitleAn epidemiological MSEIR model described by the Caputo fractional derivative
Author(s)Almeida, Ricardo
Cruz, Artur M. C.Brito da
Martins, Natália
Monteiro, M. Teresa T.
KeywordsFractional calculus
Fractional differential equations
MSEIR model
Local stability
Issue dateJun-2019
JournalInternational Journal of Dynamics and Control
Abstract(s)A fractional MSEIR model is presented, involving the Caputo fractional derivative. The equilibrium points and the basic reproduction number are computed. An analysis of the local asymptotic stability at the disease free equilibrium is given. Finally a numerical simulation, using Matlab based on optimization techniques, of the varicella outbreak among Shenzhen school children, China, is carried out.
AccessOpen access
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