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TitleOther product manufacture and use
Author(s)Zille, Andrea
Czerniak, Michael Roger
Raoux, Sebastien
Greenhouse gas
Fluorine-based treatment
Issue date2019
Abstract(s)8.3 USE OF SF6 AND PFCs IN OTHER PRODUCTS This source category excludes the following source categories that are addressed elsewhere in the 2006 Guidelines: • Production of SF6 and PFCs (Section 3.10); • Production and use of electrical equipment (Section 8.2); • Primary and secondary production of magnesium and aluminium (Chapter 4); and • Semiconductor and flat panel display manufacturing (Chapter 6). Identified remaining applications in this source category include: • SF6 and PFCs used in military applications, particularly SF6 used in airborne radar systems, e.g., AWACS (Airborne Warning and Control System), and PFCs used as heat transfer fluids in high-powered electronic applications; • SF6 used in equipment in university and research particle accelerators; • SF6 used in equipment in industrial and medical particle accelerators; • ‘Adiabatic’ applications utilising the low permeability through rubber of SF6 and some PFCs, e.g., car tires and sport shoe soles; • SF6 used in sound-proof windows; • PFCs used as heat transfer fluids in commercial and consumer applications; • PFCs used in cosmetics and in medical applications; • Other uses e.g. gas-air tracer in research and leak detectors. • PFCs and other fluorinated compounds in the manufacturing of textiles and waterproofing of electronic circuits
TypeBook part
DescriptionChapter 8.3: Use of SF6 and PFCs in other products - Volume 3: Industrial Processes and Product Use
Publisher version
AccessOpen access
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