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TitleCells released from S. epidermidis biofilms present increased antibiotic tolerance to multiple antibiotics
Author(s)Gaio, Vânia Silva
Cerca, Nuno
KeywordsBiofilm disassembly
S. epidermidis
Biofilm-released cells
Antimicrobial tolerance
Issue dateMay-2019
PublisherPeerJ Inc
CitationGaio, Vania; Cerca, Nuno, Cells released from S. epidermidis biofilms present increased antibiotic tolerance to multiple antibiotics. PeerJ, 7(e6884), 2019
Abstract(s)Biofilm released cells (Brc) are thought to present an intermediary phenotype between biofilm and planktonic cells and this has the potential of affecting their antimicrobial tolerance. Aim Compare the antimicrobial tolerance profiles of Brc, planktonic or biofilm cultures of S. epidermidis. Methodology Planktonic, biofilm cultures or Brc from 11 isolates were exposed to peak serum concentrations (PSC) of antibiotics. The antimicrobial killing effect in the three populations was determined by CFU. Results Increased Brc tolerance to vancomycin, teicoplanin, rifampicin, erythromycin, and tetracycline was confirmed in model strain 9142. Furthermore, significant differences in the susceptibility of Brc to vancomycin were further found in 10 other clinical isolates. Conclusions Brc from distinct clinical isolates presented a decreased susceptibility to most antibiotics tested and maintained that enhanced tolerance despite growing planktonically for up to 6 h. Our data suggest that Brc maintain the typical enhanced antibiotic tolerance of biofilm populations, further suggesting that addressing antimicrobial susceptibility in planktonic cultures might not reflect the full potential of biofilm-associated bacteria to survive therapy.
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