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TitleLED optrode with integrated temperature sensing for optogenetics
Author(s)Goncalves, S. Beatriz
Palha, José Marinho Cruz
Fernandes, Helena C.
Souto, Márcio R.
Pimenta, Sara
Dong, Tao
Yang, Zhaochu
Ribeiro, J. F.
Correia, J. H.
Keywordssilicon neural probes
LED chip
temperature monitoring
Issue date17-Sep-2018
PublisherMultidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute
Abstract(s)In optogenetic studies, the brain is exposed to high-power light sources and inadequate power density or exposure time can cause cell damage from overheating (typically temperature increasing of 2 ∘ C). In order to overcome overheating issues in optogenetics, this paper presents a neural tool capable of assessing tissue temperature over time, combined with the capability of electrical recording and optical stimulation. A silicon-based 8 mm long probe was manufactured to reach deep neural structures. The final proof-of-concept device comprises a double-sided function: on one side, an optrode with LED-based stimulation and platinum (Pt) recording points; and, on the opposite side, a Pt-based thin-film thermoresistance (RTD) for temperature assessing in the photostimulation site surroundings. Pt thin-films for tissue interface were chosen due to its biocompatibility and thermal linearity. A single-shaft probe is demonstrated for integration in a 3D probe array. A 3D probe array will reduce the distance between the thermal sensor and the heating source. Results show good recording and optical features, with average impedance magnitude of 371 k Ω , at 1 kHz, and optical power of 1.2 mW·mm −2 (at 470 nm), respectively. The manufactured RTD showed resolution of 0.2 ∘ C at 37 ∘ C (normal body temperature). Overall, the results show a device capable of meeting the requirements of a neural interface for recording/stimulating of neural activity and monitoring temperature profile of the photostimulation site surroundings, which suggests a promising tool for neuroscience research filed.
AccessOpen access
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